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STEM@Canobolas: Every student thinking, exploring and making

in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


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Watch our Filmpond video on our STEM Transition project with our partner primary schools here. 

STEM is a 21st Century curriculum that involves teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics holistically in project-based activities. STEM uses an interdisciplinary and applied approach to learning and aims to engage students and give clearer meaning and purpose to science and mathematical skills and knowledge. It does this through real-world problem solving approach where students apply their knowledge and skills through project-based engineering challenges.  

At Canobolas we believe that the ability to posses these STEM skills will make our students candidates of choice for future employment and tertiary study. In 2016 we implemented an innovative STEM strategy that features a STEM course for all Stage 4 students and the NSW BOSTES board endorsed iSTEM elective for Stage 5 students. We are one of the only schools in NSW to offer STEM education embedded in curriculum from Years 7 to 10, and have a dedicated Head Teacher of STEM.

Watch our Filmpond video on STEM @ Canobolas here. 

Students in Stage 4 complete a ten week integrated STEM unit each term, some with a focus on Agriculture. Each unit complements the topics being studied in mainstream Science classes, allowing students to apply their scientific knowledge to real world applications. Content and skills from the Mathematics is embedded within the project work in the STEM units.

Watch our Filmpond video on an integrated STEM unit here. 

The NSW Department of Education has established seven STEM Action Schools to mentor and share innovative STEM practice and programs with schools. STEM Action Schools implement curriculum programs designed to develop students' foundational knowledge and skills in STEM subjects as well as skills of collaboration, critical and creative thinking and problem solving. The Canobolas Rural Technology High School is a  STEM Action School.



Year 7 STEM SWAY Scaffold